2023: notable releases

broad selection, anything that sounds "a bit more" for me

  1. Model/Actriz


    Noise Rock, Dance-Punk, Industrial Rock, No Wave

    LGBT, noisy, sexual, dissonant, anxious, energetic, dark, male vocals, dense, manic, self-hatred, rhythmic, heavy, mechanical, ominous, aggressive, passionate, suspenseful, cold, longing, violence, scary, disturbing, mysterious, cryptic, sensual

  2. Kali Uchis


    Neo-Soul, Contemporary R&B, Psychedelic Soul, Funk, Smooth Soul, Sophisti-Pop

    lush, sensual, female vocals, love, warm, psychedelic, melodic, ethereal, atmospheric, rhythmic, sexual, longing, hypnotic, nocturnal, bittersweet, soothing, boastful, summer, breakup, hedonistic

  3. PoiL, Junko Ueda


    Avant-Prog, Shōmyō, Heikyoku, Brutal Prog, Drone

    chaotic, female vocals, complex, uncommon time signatures, epic, avant-garde, technical

  4. Romance & Dean Hurley


    Ambient, Tape Music, Sound Collage, Radio Drama, Dreampunk, Plunderphonics

    sampling, warm, atmospheric, mysterious

  5. Kelela


    Alternative R&B, Electronic, Breakbeat, Ambient, UK Bass, Downtempo, Ambient Pop

    nocturnal, ethereal, aquatic, female vocals, atmospheric, sensual, hypnotic, lush, futuristic, longing, love, soothing, introspective, melodic, soft, mellow, bittersweet, surreal, mysterious, space, meditative, sexual, sombre

  6. Paramore


    Post-Punk Revival, Dance-Punk, New Wave, Funk Rock

    female vocals, anxious, energetic, quirky, rhythmic, anthemic, sarcastic, misanthropic, melodic, male vocals

  7. Caroline Polachek


    Art Pop, Alt-Pop, Electronic, Downtempo

    melodic, eclectic, female vocals, lush, love, warm, atmospheric, summer, tropical, passionate, romantic, ethereal, introspective, rhythmic, bittersweet, poetic, uplifting, futuristic, psychedelic

  8. abracadabra


    Mutant Disco, Neo-Psychedelia, New Wave, Dub

    quirky, rhythmic, female vocals, surreal, tropical, abstract, psychedelic, melodic, playful, eclectic, energetic

  9. Hamish Hawk


    Indie Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Art Pop, Indie Pop, Power Pop, Jangle Pop

    cryptic, anthemic, melodic, poetic, male vocals

  10. La Tène


    Avant-Folk, Post-Minimalism, Drone, Auvergnat Folk Music, Reggaetón

    repetitive, hypnotic

  11. Young Fathers


    Neo-Psychedelia, Art Pop, Neo-Soul, Gospel, Spirituals, Post-Industrial

    energetic, triumphant, passionate, avant-garde, uplifting, dense, ritualistic, rhythmic, spiritual, poetic, tribal, male vocals, conscious, abstract, anthemic, psychedelic, eclectic, raw, atmospheric, anxious, hypnotic

  12. mark william lewis


    Indie Rock, Dream Pop, Slowcore

  13. Le Cri du Caire, Abdullah Miniawy


    Jazz, World Music, Spoken Word

  14. Pointless Geometry


    Electronic, Electroacoustic, Experimental, Contemporary, Noise

  15. Ruhail Qaisar


    Dark Ambient, Drone, Death Industrial, Sound Collage, Spoken Word, Musique concrète

  16. Rian Treanor, Ocen James


    Electroacoustic, IDM, UK Bass, East African Music

    instrumental, avant-garde, tribal, mysterious, rhythmic, hypnotic

  17. Parannoul


    Shoegaze, Indie Rock, Art Rock, Dream Pop, Post-Rock, Indietronica, Emo, Neo-Psychedelia, Noise Pop

    noisy, ethereal, winter, lush, bittersweet, dense, male vocals, atmospheric, sentimental, longing, melancholic, uplifting, passionate, love, hypnotic, psychedelic, autumn, progressive, introspective, surreal, lonely, female vocals, eclectic, nocturnal, alienation, energetic, poetic, melodic, nature, anxious, concept album, suspenseful

  18. Lil Yachty


    Neo-Psychedelia, Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelic Soul, Space Rock, Psychedelic Pop, Neo-Soul, Art Pop

    psychedelic, surreal, male vocals, warm, ethereal, lush, abstract, love, drugs, atmospheric, introspective, dense, sensual, passionate, melodic, female vocals, rhythmic, summer, progressive, hypnotic, romantic, space, sentimental, longing, eclectic, bittersweet, quirky, mellow

  19. Complete Mountain Almanac, Rebekka Karijord, Bryce Dessner, Aaron Dessner, Jessica Dessner


    Art Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Ambient Pop, Contemporary Folk

    female vocals, peaceful, nature

  20. Raül Refree


    Electroacoustic, Post-Minimalism, Folktronica

    mellow, eclectic, minimalistic, meditative, lush, instrumental, melancholic

  21. Rozi Plain


    Chamber Pop, Art Pop, Neo-Psychedelia, Indie Folk, Indietronica

    psychedelic, female vocals, atmospheric, lush, soothing, soft, calm

  22. Tujiko Noriko, Noriko Tujiko


    Ambient, Electroacoustic, Drone, Field Recordings, Ambient Pop

    ethereal, cold, female vocals, mellow, atmospheric, mysterious, soothing, melancholic

  23. 12
    Ryuichi Sakamoto


    Ambient, Modern Classical, Reductionism, Minimalism

    instrumental, melancholic, sparse, meditative, calm, lonely, minimalistic, cold, sad, soft, existential

  24. Kali Malone, Stephen O'Malley, Lucy Railton


    Drone, Minimalism Electroacoustic, Dark Ambient, Microtonal Classical

    hypnotic, meditative, atmospheric, existential, surreal, winter, nocturnal, dark, psychedelic, spiritual, minimalistic, avant-garde, sombre, microtonal, chamber music, mysterious, instrumental, ominous, introspective, ritualistic, dissonant, dense

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