2022-12-19 - Stuff I listened to this week

  1. Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity

  2. Beach House

    This album seems to be heading toward my Favorites Of 2022 list…

  3. Grouper

  4. Testament

    I think Souls Of Black was the first Testament album I listened to—it was on the other side of the same tape as Seasons In the Abyss. I think this album is the best of their early work.

  5. SUSS

  6. Unknown Mortal Orchestra

    Instrumental freak-out music… I would have been pretty into this album earlier in my life for different reasons but it is not bad now to have on in the background while I’m working on stuff.

  7. Melody's Echo Chamber

    Intricate, dreamy pop with hazy, mostly whispered vocals. Good for a cold winter morning, probably better for driving on a highway on a hot summer afternoon.

  8. Nuclear Assault

    I had this album on tape in college and I’m pretty sure the tape deck in my car finally ate it.

  9. Metallica

    TBH, I’m not sure I have ever listened to this album all the way through. It’s pretty good!

  10. Buffalo Tom

  11. Clairo

  12. Donald Byrd, Kenny Burrell

  13. Horse Lords

This album list was curated by Pete Brown.

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