2023-01-02 - Stuff I listened to this week

  1. Electronic

    Sadly, this album does not hold up well at all for me. It is not terrible, but it just sounds really dated. And the less said about the attempt at rapping on the final track, the better.

  2. The Ecstasy of Gold

  3. The Rural Alberta Advantage

  4. For Tracy Hyde

  5. Pet Shop Boys

  6. Lambchop

  7. Florist

  8. Carla dal Forno

  9. Air

    I listened to this album a bunch when it first came out, but hardly at all in the intervening years. Listening again now, it is almost entirely unfamiliar to me, like a whole new album.

  10. Greta Van Fleet

    I am never quite sure what to make of this band. They are good at what they do, but what they do seems pretty derivative.

  11. Angel Olsen

  12. Sparklehorse

  13. The Smile

    This album is better than I was expecting. If you like Radiohead (I do), you'll probably like this.

This album list was curated by Pete Brown.

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