Ranking Old Van Morrison Albums

Rank ordering the old Van albums for a friend who loves Poetic Champions Compose.

Note that there is another early Van album called Tupelo Honey. It is one of my all time favorite albums, but it isn't streamable. I would probably rank it in position 4 or 5 on this list. I have the MP3s if you ever get that far and want to check it out.

  1. Van Morrison

    This one is pretty inconsistent. Being Green seems like a throwaway. Autumn Song is good, but it's too long. But it also has some classics. Snow In San Anselmo is probably one of my favorite Van songs ever.

  2. This album is totally amazing. The only thing about it that maybe pushes it slightly down the list is that Listen To The Lion is on the long side and a little self indulgent. But every other track is gold, Jerry, GOLD.

  3. Van Morrison

    This is widely considered to be the best Van album. It is fantastic. Track 1, Astral Weeks, really is a stunning masterpiece. I still don't think it's the best, but its highs are very high!

  4. Every album in the Top 4 of this list is pure gold, so it's hard to rank order them. His Band And The Street Choir has Crazy Face, I've Been Working, Call Me Up In Dreamland and other classics. Virgo Clowns is fantastic. Really, this is a great album.

  5. Van Morrison

    This is the album I turned on almost every time it snowed when I was in college. Since you like Poetic Champions, I think this is actually your next best point of entry for Van. It's mellow in the same way. It's sort of wild, melodically. It has a similar vibe to Poetic Champions. This is probably where I would start if I were you.

  6. Van Morrison

    This is his most accessible album. It has a pretty straight forward sixties rock feel. We used to sing It Stoned Me whenever we went swimming in the Provo River. Into The Mystic is amazing. This might be his most solid album. The highs may not be quite as high as on Astral Weeks, for example, but it's his most flawless album and it never gets old.

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