Shore by Fleet Foxes


by Fleet Foxes

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  • Montage of album covers from Best Albums Of 2020 list

    Best Albums Of 2020


    I loved Fleet Foxes Shore for about a month. It wore a little old after a while but it’s still an important part of the year for me. I think it’s their third best album but still a mile behind their best two (Self Titled and Helplessness Blues). That being said, Sunblind might be my favorite song of the whole year. It says to me, look to the past and see the beautiful things others have made. Now look to the future and make something beautiful yourself. That idea, whether or not he even intended it to say any such thing, was the most inspiring idea of the year for me as I watched so many things I care about crumble.

  • Montage of album covers from Winter 2022-23 list

    Winter 2022-23

    Greg Moore

    I was excited to hear an album that reaches the heights of their first release. The perfect haunting melodies for keeping warm in winter.

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