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Album Whale is made by the good people at Good Enough. We made this website because we love music, we wanted to make lists, and we wanted to share our favorite albums with friends.

While we appreciate Apple Music and Spotify suggesting new music for us, we miss the good ol’ days when recommendations came from friends. In those days of yore, we had to think about which albums we’d recommend, and what those albums say about us. Each album came with a personal story, or a suggestion on how to approach it. It feels good to make a list of albums, and it’s exciting to read another person’s list.

Phones couldn’t recommend music
in the days of yore.

So that’s the story of Album Whale. It’s a little website for you to make beautiful lists of albums and share your love of music with the world. Care to join us?


Q. Why would I want to make a list of albums?

Well, we can’t help you answer that, but here are some reasons other people make lists on Album Whale:

  • To share their favorite albums of the year.
  • To track which albums they’ve listened to each week (and how they feel about them).
  • To tell a story of their life through albums.
  • To catalog the amusing album covers in their music library.

Q. Which services do you support?

Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. Tidal and YouTube Music should work too, but we don’t use those services and can’t confirm.

Q. Who are you?

We’re Good Enough: Barry, Matthew, Patrick, and Shawn. Some of us are dads, one of us has a dog , and most of us are decent people who really like music. We’ve never met a whale we didn’t like.

Q. How much is this? If it’s free, how will you make money? Will you sell my data?

  1. Album Whale is free.
  2. This is a fun project, and we meant it to be a gift to the internet (you’re welcome!). We’ll try to make money with other projects.
  3. No! That’s gross, and we will never do that.

Q. I have a question or idea for a new feature…

Email us! We’ll get back to you. We’re also on Mastodon, which is like Twitter but an elephant instead of a bird. (We’re also fans of elephants.)