Best Pop Albums

  1. Ariana Grande

    Perfect blend of catchy and upbeat R&B style tracks mixed with more relaxing and subtle tracks which highlight her very smooth and soothing voice

  2. Hikaru Utada

    Very overlooked record, even in the Japanese music sphere. The lyrics are so introspective and meaningful and the mellow instrumentals really reflect that. Very consistent the whole way through.

  3. Madonna

    Quintessential 80's. Purely designed to be catchy yet so memorable

  4. The Beach Boys

    Sounds so pure. Such warm melodies, one of the most influential pop albums ever

  5. Anri

    The most cohesive citypop album. While not as well known as records like Plastic Love, I think it has aged better, and songs like Windy Summer perfectly encapsulate the feeling of being carefree

  6. Kate Bush

    Incredibly influential and groundbreaking album, very surreal listening experience. Still holds up so well today

  7. Charli XCX

    The peak of bubblegum bass. Unusually cohesive for an album with this level of experimentation, yet stays so catchy

  8. Britney Spears

    The record which brought electropop into the mainstream. Great comeback album

  9. Lorde

    Bittersweet but catchy at times. Relatively introspective with consistently good production throughout

  10. Lana Del Rey

    Subtle & beautiful instrumentals, the perfect summer album

  11. Carly Rae Jepsen

    The best 80s revival album ever made. Euphoric melodies and impeccable synthpop production

This album list was curated by Arjan Wilkey.

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