listening log: 03/23

albums i've listened to in march, thoughts included

  1. Emmylou Harris

    • 03/31 - can't believe i'm only just now listening to this; amazing stuff here, great production (and mostly covers?)

  2. • 03/30 - throwback country; margo price just feels good ya know?

  3. Plains, Waxahatchee, Jess Williamson

    • 03/30 - listen, at the end of the day, i'm a katie crutchfield stan; some cute songs here, a nice breezy little record

  4. Gang Gang Dance

    • 03/29 - meh!

  5. Old Saw

    • 03/07 - ambient americana, new genre to me; it just feels good, blissed out

  6. • 03/04 - inoffensive synth-punk; cute, fun, etc.

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