2022 Slayed

A list of all my favorite slayed albums in 2022.

  1. Ben Platt

    An absolute banger from start to finish. I love Ben Platt with all my heart <3

  2. Harry Styles

    Harry’s House defined my summer. I streamed it all the time! I’m not a diehard Harry fan but I absolutely love this album.

  3. Lin-Manuel Miranda, Germaine Franco, Encanto - Cast, Stephanie Beatriz, Olga Merediz, Jessica Darrow

    No caption needed other than Lin Manuel-Miranda popped off with this one.

  4. Such a good movie and Sofia Carson slays.


    This Blackpink album defined the first few weeks of college for me. I listened to it on repeat!

  6. RM

    This came out right before the end of the year and it’s been on repeat since I first listened to it.

  7. Us The Duo

    You can never go wrong with Us The Duo and this album has bops on it.

2022 Slayed is an album list curated by Ava Hess:

I like music and I like sharing music so here’s the music I like…

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