Albums that take me back to a specific time and place...

This was inspired by one of the staff picks (Patrick)!

  1. Right after our Asia trip in summer 2023! I streamed this and it reminded me so much of our trip for some reason.

  2. This is the first album that comes to mind. I am reminded of our family vacation to Disney World. This album was always playing when we swam at our rental home.

  3. Driving in the ford fusion singing both parts of "Don't Lay your Head." Boy did I love when dad played this album!

  4. Road trip 2015. Streamed this album in the car every day!

  5. Michael Lee Brown

    Bus rides in middle school. I streamed this short ep for multiple weeks in a row. How did I not get sick of it??

  6. Pentatonix

    The beginning of my ptx journey! I am reminded of that October night when I first saw them in concert and cried my eyes out! :D

  7. Michael Giacchino

    My 8th grade obsession with Spiderman / Tom Holland :D

    1. A banger soundtrack. Being nervous in the theater. Trying to find excuses.
  8. Ariana Grande

    Freshman year of high school. Art class. Trying to fit in with everyone else's music taste...

  9. I truly was obsessed with this album when the movie came out.

  10. Driving to huhot with two of my best friends to celebrate a birthday in November.

    1. The album and musical that opened my eyes to the world of theater. I specifically remember dad playing "Waving Through a Window" after his trip to NYC and he saw the show. It was a life changing moment for me :)
  11. Various Artists

    Seeing this in theaters for a birthday party and being stunned by how amazing Emma Watson was as Belle.


    The first graphic design class I ever took in 2019. Little did I know that it would be such a big part of my future!

  13. Driving three hours to and from my grandparents house with the idea that I had a whole new world opened to me.

  14. February 2020. High hopes of seeing my faves in concert were soon crushed due to covid-19.

  15. Eric Nam

    Covid. Online school in April 2020. Streamed this everyday.

  16. MONSTA X

    Covid-19. April 2020. Online school. I streamed this album everyday.

  17. Streamed during covid...

  18. Olivia Rodrigo

    Covid is still going??

  19. BE

    I am reminded of my kpop journaling days as this album I unboxed on a instagram video of my kpop journaling account.

  20. Harry Styles

    Summer 2022. Getting through the first weeks as a milso...

  21. SIX, Toby Marlow, Lucy Moss

    Brings me back to feeling very free in January 2023 and being so happy that I was seeing a broadway show on my own!!

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