I Miss My Vinyl Collection

I moved to Scotland 3 years ago for grad school. I couldn't bring my vinyl with me. I miss it. This list is not complete, but whenever I think to myself, "Man, I wish I had this record with me right now...", it get's added to the list.

  1. Paul Buchanan

    Paul Buchanan's only solo record to date. All of the beautiful longing of The Blue Nile, with arrangements consisting largely of piano, some light synth pad, and Paul's perfectly imperfect vocals. Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. The Blue Nile's Debut. Perfect Record.

  3. The Blue Nile

    If I understand the story right, The Blue Nile's "record label" was a project of Linn, a hi-fi turntable company, who thought Paul Buchanan, Robert Bell, and P.J. Moore's beautifully textured music would showcase the quality of their equipment. Needless to say, they sound great on wax. Also, this is literally one of the best records ever made. EVER.

  4. A pre-Oasis Creation Records band that I love. Their records have been out of print forever, but they did a limited 1500 press 25th Anniversary re-issue of the debut in 2018 and I was able to snap up a copy. I wish I was listening to it right now.

I Miss My Vinyl Collection is an album list curated by Benjamin Holsteen.

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