Stuck On Repeat

Well, I once played these albums. And then again. And again. And again.

  1. Dead Sara

  2. Pearl Jam

    I could pick any of their first 6 albums. They’re all on repeat. This has my all-time favorite Given to Fly.

  3. A Tribe Called Quest

  4. Rage Against The Machine

  5. Run The Jewels, El-P, Killer Mike

    The right album at the right time

  6. Temple Of The Dog

    Say hello to awesome solos and songs

  7. Nirvana

    Changed it all

  8. Dutch Funkadelic

  9. It has So What'Cha Want. One of the best hip hop tracks of all times.

Stuck On Repeat is an album list curated by Frank Meeuwsen.

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