2023 listening 2: february

  1. MF DOOM

    relisten. WAY better on my second go.

  2. Machine Girl

    relisten. went into it the second time actually trying to enjoy it, and it was still kind of a snoozer. not bad, but i think its just not for me

  3. Aphex Twin

    title track steals the show COMPLETELY.

  4. Black Flag

    title track steals the show, but i really liked the other songs too.

  5. The Weeknd

    relisten. fucking HEAVENLY!!!!!

  6. Thee 50's High Teens

    it blends together a bit, but if youre like me and enjoy the sound, you wont mind.

  7. Radiohead

    really makes you feel like the cover

  8. The Smiths

    its cool. its the smiths dude you know the smiths. i dont feel like a genuine critique

  9. Dismemberment Plan


  10. first album to make me cry from the music alone. piss poor quality adds a lotta heart imo.

2023 listening 2: february is an album list curated by GENOCIDE JACK:

i love assorted sounds❤

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