Seven Songs for the Week #47 - 28th Feb 24

Yeah, yeah, seven songs.

  1. KNEECAP, Grian Chatten

    Kneecap are so hot right now. In Ireland, the Irish language is just one of the two languages of the country. In Belfast, the Irish language is laden with significance. So here's a group from Belfast, rapping in Irish and having a moment. They appeared on Ireland's Friday night tv institution The Late Late Show last week, bringing their provo-chic to the middle class masses, and they played this "choon".

  2. Everything old is new again. A newly-forged teenage blur fan has been playing this around the house and who am I to stop them?

  3. I was listening to the Heaven 17 version, but I think I prefer this. More present, more in your face. We still don't need fascists.

  4. Timex Social Club

    I can't recall why this song came to mind this week, I was watching some Prince stuff on TV and I think that triggered it as a single I remember as a kid. Prince has nothing to do with it. The lyrics are more direct than I remember.

  5. Joy Downer, Beck

    Found this on a playlist for last year with no other songs. I don't remember it, but it's good.

  6. Rick Wakeman

    This was recommended on a Tim & Eric subreddit. I mean, what is this? It has a warm analoguey sound, but it's preposterous, but it's funny and you can hear latter day Daft Punk in it.

  7. You You Know You Know My Name You You Know You Know My Name You Know My Name Look up the number

Seven Songs for the Week #47 - 28th Feb 24 is an album list curated by Jason Carty:

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