Seven Songs for the Week #52 - 3rd Apr 24

Yeah yeah yeah, it's the weekly seven song playlist - wake the kids!

  1. Procol Harum

    I am on holidays at the moment. I am not staying in a Grand Hotel, but the local town has a very nice Grand Hotel indeed. Maybe someday...

  2. Panda Bear, Sonic Boom

    I heard a track playing g in a restaurant and it was Panda Bear. Unfamiliar with this record I gave it a cursory stream and was quite taken with this track built upon a significant sample from Save The Last Dance For Me, while also being its own thing.

  3. The Shadows

    Went record shopping. Found an original 1973 vinyl copy of Rockin' With Curly Leads by The Shadows, which has this irresistible track on it. The last time I was away two years ago, I found a copy on CD.

  4. Beyoncé, Tanner Adell, Brittney Spencer, Tiera Kennedy, …

    Beyoncé put out an album this week - did you notice? This is the second track on the album - a big deal, the original Beatles / Paul backing track, and it's lovely. There's lots to like on the album.

  5. King Crimson

    It was formally announced this week that 50% of 1980s King Crimson will hit the road later this year as BEAT playing 100% of the music of 1980s King Crimson. I would like to see this, so fingers crossed they make it out of North America next year - although I really wanted to see Belew's Remain In Light tribute (with Jerry Harrison) but that never made it out of the US.

  6. Bernard Butler

    The first new solo album from Bernard Butler in nearly a quarter century. His voice is different. I like that cover a lot and Good Grief is a great title for an album.

  7. You think Camber Sands and you think of this song from Squeeze. That's just the way it is. And the holiday’s complete too.

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