But Is It Classical?

‘Rock’ albums that are are classically inspired … if not actually ‘more classical’ than some ‘classical’ albums. There are many more that I know DID exist .. but not in the streaming world. I will continue to forage.

  1. Emerson, Lake & Palmer

    Not an entire album ... but seriously - is this Rock Music?

  2. Deep Purple, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Malcolm Arnold

    This is the original recording of the concerto it’s on the classical app … couldn’t find it on the music app.

  3. Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Jon Lord, Matthew Barley

  4. Jon Lord

  5. Jon Lord, London Symphony Orchestra, Paul Mann

  6. Deep Purple, London Symphony Orchestra

    The original album recorded at the Albert Hall doesn’t seem to be streamable … check disc 2 … first three tracks

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