Turn The Speakers Up - May 2024

What I've been listening to in May 2024.

  1. Arrested Development

    I'm a simple man. I see new Arrested Development album, I listen to new Arrested Development album.

  2. The Blackbyrds

    Sometimes I need happy music.

  3. Moondog, Louis Hardin

    Marimba! What a lovely, lovely album, full of sweet little surprises.

  4. Mei Semones

    Recommended by Ted Gioia. It's every bit as cool as promised.

  5. Myriam Gendron

    Martin recommended this one to me. It's a slow burn album. I didn't love it immediately (first few notes of the first track), but I knew I wanted to re-listen to the whole album after finishing it, which I did, again and again and again.

  6. I know there were great country albums in the 80s/90s/00s/10s, but, dang, does it sure feel like we're living in a great country music revival time, the best in a long time, right now!

  7. Guided By Voices

    I listened to a new GbV single and realized that I still had to catch up with the last (of 3, I think!) GbV album from last year. It's excellent as always. I'm a little embarrassed that I never had this thought before, but listening this time (specifically the track "Love Set" for some reason) made me realize how deeply indebted to The Who Pollard is. I looked up interviews and, sure enough, Pollard names them as an influence.

  8. Phosphorescent, Revelator

    I've been listening to Houck since the Fillup Shack Hipolit days (a CD I found in the 'Americana' section of a London record shop in 2000). This is more of the same, meaning more of a good thing, which I've heard you can't have too much of.

  9. color as time, Joshua Stamper

    I checked out this album because I found out that an old college friend of mine is part of the ensemble. It's smart stuff.

  10. Yasmin Williams

    If it's so easy to have on in the background while doing something else, it's also easy to overlook how much talent is involved in this album. It's quite good and worth a more serious, careful listen than I've given it.

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