Favorite Albums of 2022

At the end of each year, I compile a list of my favorite music albums, mainly to document what I enjoyed listening to but also to share with others. If you're interested in my thoughts on these, check out my blog post here.

  1. Tears for Fears

  2. Hikaru Utada, Utada Hikaru

  3. Los Days, Tommy Guerrero, Josh Lippi

  4. HITOMITOI, ryusenkei, 流線形

  5. Madison Cunningham

  6. L'Impératrice

  7. Toro y Moi

  8. Matthew Halsall

  9. Matthew Halsall


  11. John Carroll Kirby

  12. Julian Lage

  13. Shane Cooper, MABUTA

This album list was curated by Scott Yoshinaga.

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