Jazz on Kutmusic

Contemporary & Vintage Jazz from Italy!

  1. Enrico Merlin

    The many sides of Enrico Merlin: his own compositions, original renditions of world-famous classics such as "La Bamba" and "Romagnia Mia", soundscapes for short movies, and more.

  2. Francesco Cusa, The Assassins, FCT (Francesco Cusa Trio), FCT

    Two ensembles - an acoustic and an electric combo - both led by Francesco Cusa give different renditions of five compositions by Cusa himself. Co-published by Improvvisatore Involontario and Kutmusic.

  3. La Compagnia Del Trivelìn

    A wild journey into experimentation, courtesy of Massimo Barbiero (drums), Roberto Zorzi (guitars) and Boris Savoldelli (voice)!

  4. Frank Sinapsi, Francesco Cusa, Enrico Merlin

    Frank Sinatra as an alien who revolutionized music. “100 years ago, a man from outer space landed on the third stone from the Sun. Here’s the story to be told…”: Enrico Merlin & Francesco Cusa investigate...

  5. Various Artists

    The roots of Jazz in Italy, selected by Andrea Fabrizii

  6. Toots' Quartet, Toots Thielemans, Billy Desmedt

    A classic Toots Thielemans number

Jazz on Kutmusic is an album list curated by Kutmusic:

The cutting edge record label from Italy. Online since 1995. Disturbing the peace since 1988.

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