Kutmusic Libreria Moderna

Library music is not just reissues from the 1970s!

  1. Hanibal

    Myths and legends from ancient Greece meet Hanibal's melodic techno soundscapes...

  2. Hanibal

    An old friend of Kutmusic is also in the KLM line with this cool (or should we say warm?) electronic album!

  3. Joyello

    "Ophidiophia", aka fear of snakes? Let Joyello's music drive you into delirium before helping you overcome it...

  4. Nicola C. Salerno

    A soundtrack that was commissioned... and then refused. And is still in search of the right movie!

  5. The soundtrack to a theatrical performance by Stefano Paiusco evoates Wolf Messing, the mysterious Polish telepath and psychic, who lived in the Soviet Union and whose life crossed those of Hitler and Stalin.

Kutmusic Libreria Moderna is an album list curated by Kutmusic:

The cutting edge record label from Italy. Online since 1995. Disturbing the peace since 1988.

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