Live heroes for the ages.

Live albums and concerts of classic rock artists and timeless music.

  1. Deep Purple

    One of the classic live albums.

  2. Rod Stewart

    The master of live concerts - one of the favorite albums of my youth. Bought as double LP.

  3. Incredible performance by one of the true classic rock bands. Check out the video on YT!

  4. Modern successor to Live in the City of Lights, a fantastic live album I bought on cassette in the 80s.

  5. Joe Cocker

    This man always sang live, he could not imitate playback. We lost him much too early.

  6. Led Zeppelin

    Last time this band played together.

  7. A band that plays live like they play on record. Epic melodies.

  8. Iron Maiden

    One of THE classic live albums. Finest Hard Rock.

  9. Joe Bonamassa

    Bonamassa has so many live albums that it's hard to pick just one. This is a classic from his early days.

  10. Classic live album with the better singer.

  11. AC/DC

    You know what you get with AC/DC. And they really deliver on this iconic live album. Originally released as a double CD.

  12. One of the best of the MTV Unplugged series. Bought the CD when it came out.

  13. Marillion

    Marillion with Fish as vocalist showed the potential of this special group of people. Never reached again after the band broke up. I also recommend watching the video on YT.

  14. Nirvana at it's best. Bought the CD when it came out. I chose the video version so you can see Curt in his nice sweater.

  15. Element Of Crime

    German band with long tradition. I have the LP version.

  16. Rory Gallagher - guitar hero gone too soon.

  17. German Krautrock from the 70s.

  18. Status Quo - you know what you get ... solid rock.

Live heroes for the ages. is an album list curated by Larsolino:

Just a random dude from the south of Germany.

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