I Don’t Need Your Intro to Goth

An introduction to Goth for the morbidly curious. Covers 1983-1989.

  1. The Sisters Of Mercy

    Recorded in 1984, the first song that got my attention to Goth was NO TIME TO CRY. I bought this album right away (in 1992) and every track took me to a new place: I knew I found something special.

  2. Hard hitting gothic rock that serves as a compliment to The Sisters. Another album that every song is a classic goth anthem.

  3. So many important tracks in one compilation. This is the early Cure, and the perfect mix of haunting 80s bliss.

  4. Fields Of The Nephilim

    An influential and excellent late 80s goth album, with the major standout song DAWNRAZOR.

  5. One of the greatest albums ever, this serves as a bridge from 80s gloom to the dark explorations of 90s goth.

I Don’t Need Your Intro to Goth is an album list curated by Luis.

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