My Favorite Albums

i loooove moosic

  1. Nirvana

    brilliant honestly brilliant

  2. absolute classic

  3. last one i promise

  4. who doesnt like a bit o’ bowie

  5. Guns N' Roses

    this is my fav by them atm

  6. Pixies

    arent the pixies just great!?

  7. Bad Brains

    my parents hate them so much it makes me love them more

  8. Various Artists

    yes im embarrassed

  9. just a classic

  10. sounds like a mix of tha blues and western

  11. Ram
    Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney


  12. Alice In Chains

    this performance is defo one of the greatest

  13. John Frusciante


  14. its so strange yet so beautiful

My Favorite Albums is an album list curated by maya.

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