Best of 2022

  1. Angel Olsen

    Angel Olsen queers the jukebox torch songs of classic country-pop

  2. whatever wave of emo we're now on, these guys and their absurdly catchy, deeply resonant songs should be at the vanguard

  3. Chat Pile

    absurd, brutal grunge metal that is somehow both terrifying and thrilling

  4. Girlpool

    girlpool recently announced the band was breaking up, which is very sad, but their swan song contains some of the duo's best work, lyrically and musically

  5. Knifeplay

    explosions in the sky meets war on drugs on this soaring work of post-rock americana

  6. MJ Lenderman

    good old-fashioned garage rock full of wry pop cultural references

  7. Soccer Mommy

    the first lyrics of soccer mommy's best album to date are "i feel the bones of how we used to be," aptly capturing the complicated nostalgia of these 90s-inspired pop-rock bops

  8. quietly devastating songs about the quiet devastations of modern relationships, an album you need to hear (ideally alone and with headphones).

  9. Wet Leg

    keen and cool and brimming with wit, this album is the aural equivalent of a sally rooney novel

Best of 2022 is an album list curated by Michelle.

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