2022 Heavy Rotation

  1. My friend Michelle wanted me to get acquainted with new emo and sent this my way, and now I think about an Anxious song every other day. The melodies get stuck in your head.

  2. Wet Leg

    I don’t know where I first heard this, but there’s something about plodding upbeat monotone rock that makes my ears happy.

  3. Nilüfer Yanya

    Damn this is catchy. And each song feels unique. Discovered here on Album Whale!

  4. Joey Valence & Brae, Joey Valence, Brae

    I have to thank my friend Evan for this rec. Props to Joey & Brae for bringing back old Beastie Boys with a new age flair. I look forward to their rise. Peep the music video too.

  5. Pity Sex

    This album is from 2013 and I’m not sure how I almost let a decade pass before I was lovingly enveloped by the overdrive.

  6. Cafuné

    A viral TikTok find worth the newfound fame. Also look up Tek It singles in other speeds.

  7. Marlon Williams

    My wife has been listening to Marlon for years but only shared his music with me this year. I’m now also attracted to him.

  8. These guys went famous on TikTok with clever music mashups. That led me to their own mesmerizing music.

2022 Heavy Rotation is an album list curated by Matthew Lettini:

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