April 2023

Mostly a range of Ambient-Electronic-Jazz

  1. Nils Frahm

    Got this on vinyl, its a very collected album. Solo piano, ambient, has hints of improvisation

  2. Nice bossa nova to have playing in the background

  3. Madvillain, Madlib, MF DOOM, Four Tet

    Four tet is a vibe, been really enjoying his live sets- love mf doom & these are awesome remixes

  4. New yaeji album! Tracks are pretty interesting, its surprisingly a lot more instrumental than her older stuff

  5. Azymuth

    Heard this at a bar, was a good re-listen (brazillian jazz funk)

  6. Reminded me of cowboy bebop, holy shit tho great soundtrack, modern jazz thing going on

  7. Hiromi, Anthony Jackson, Simon Phillips

    Hiromi transcends fr

  8. Samara Joy

    Uprising jazz vocalist, definitely one of the richest vocals i've heard in awhile- really adds character to all the tracks on the album.

  9. Chick Corea, Return To Forever

    Latin fusion jazz, unsure if its 'light as a feather' or an easy listen. But has interesting latin elements to it, making it worth a listen. I like the flute solos heh

  10. Alfa Mist

    Pretty diverse, mostly jazz but a bit of rnb/hip-hop in there as well

  11. Fuubutsushi

    Interesting music, kinda ambient/minimal jazz/neo classical... strings fit very well together

  12. Skrillex

    Pretty solid album tbh. It isn't the skrillex we knew in 2012, its texturally more interesting/diverse. I really like the tracks on here with vocals

April 2023 is an album list curated by paradose:

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