Albums that take me to a specific time and place

  1. Kendrick Lamar

    When my mother-in-law broke her ankle, we stayed at her house and took care of things like walking her dog. Her neighborhood is very quiet and dark and I loved the contrast of that environment with Kendrck blasting in my headphones.

  2. The National

    I had a small office in an old blind factory in Hoboken. When I was alone (which was most of the time there), I'd try to play along with albums on the piano and nothing was on a heavier rotation than Boxer.

  3. I worked for a giant ad agency in Chicago and this one takes me to the 16th floor window overlooking the river.

  4. Jenny Lewis, The Watson Twins

    Kristy and my first trip together was to San Fransisco. We rented a convertible and bought some CDs at Amoeba because there was no internet music on our phone. It was great.

  5. Listened to this one rolling around Chicago with Brian. Probably on our way to tennis.

  6. José González

    Flying home from Honolulu, wishing I was staying there.

  7. "Working" at Arlo with Ryan. We spent more time listening to music and comedy than figuring out how to make money. It was glorious.

  8. The Notwist

    This is also an Arlo album. When this one comes on, I feel like I'm back at my giant Dan Mackessy desk.

  9. Saw them live a few times back in 2002-03 and I can still see the specific lights that played on specific songs on this albums. I've been to a ton of concerts and nothing else stuck like that...

  10. Driving around Los Angeles on a family vacation. I had a Sony Minidisc player for a couple weeks back in 2000 and this was one of the only albums I had.

  11. Built to Spill

    Working at Mojo. Those guys were all only 10 years older than me, but they listened to totally different music and changed my tastes a lot!

  12. Fugees, Wyclef Jean, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Pras, Lauryn Hill

    Hanging out in Freundo's dorm room at UIC. Cama was there not enjoying my company lol.

  13. Alice In Chains

    Hanging out in the basement at my parents house (Koda).

  14. The Offspring

    Also in the basement of my parents house, but specifically while playing pool. Why? WHO KNOWS.

  15. Hanging out in Petro's basement listening to music, shooting pool, and being idiots.

  16. Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice

    Hanging out in my parents living room on Koda. I actually played this one on vinyl.

  17. Pink Floyd

    Same as JC Superstar -- playing the vinyl in my parents living room!

  18. New Kids On the Block

    The first CD I ever bought. Takes me back to putting it in the player at the rental house on James CT. It was a sunny day!

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