1. Rich Ruth

  2. John Zorn

  3. O.

  4. Caroline Shaw, Sō Percussion

  5. This is Lorelei

    One of the guys from Water From Your Eyes. Surprisingly catchy! Described as "the Magnetic Fields for zoomers".

  6. Marcel Wave

    Recommended by Dave. Reminds me of home.

  7. MAHTI

    Finnish ambient/drone with added Richard Dawson.

  8. Jacken Elswyth

    Recommended by Dave. Lovely banjo-led instrumentals.

  9. Goat Girl

  10. Zoh Amba who I only discovered recently and Jim White who is on a tear this year!

  11. Mei Semones

    Recommended by John - very summery!

  12. Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Nathan Salsburg & Tyler Trotter

    Hypnotic repetition.

  13. BEAK>

    Bleak might be more appropriate. Good though.

  14. Anastasia Coope

    Vocal experimentation but more fun than that sounds.

  15. King Hannah

    Enjoyed the singing and the sprechgesang, good guitar too.

June 2024 is an album list curated by Martin Griffiths.

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