Digital Referencing Physical Formats

  1. Bonny Doon

  2. Hotline TNT

  3. JPEGMAFIA, Danny Brown

  4. DJ Python, Nick León

  5. Ana Roxanne

    Released 2020 on kranky. Artist credit unknown.

  6. Moods, Noah Slee, Lyriya, Meron

  7. Sylvan Esso

  8. LEISURE, Serebii, Arjuna Oakes

  9. chloe moriondo

  10. Junior Varsity

  11. Twin Peaks

    Released 2020 on Grand Jury. Artwork by Cadien Lake James.

  12. Arp

    Released 2022 on Mexican Summer. Artwork by Alexis Georgopoulos. Photograph by Ceen Wahren.

  13. Twin Peaks

    Released 2020 on Grand Jury. Art by Clay Frankel.

  14. Channel Tres

    Released 2022 on GODMODE. Artist credit unknown.


    Released 2022 on Nettwerk Music Group. Artist credit unknown.


    Released 2021 on RCA. Creative by Henock Sileshi.

This album list was curated by Rachel Cabitt.
Their bio reads:

A photographer and designer with a background in music based in New York. She is the co-founder of POND Creative, a visual studio for the music industry and writes The Art of Cover Art, a newsletter exploring the visual history of music.

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