1. Turnstile

  2. Youth Of Today

  3. Gorilla Biscuits

    Released 1989 on Revelation Records. Photography by Axtion Packed Zine, B.J, Lisa, Nichole & Theresa. Design by G.B.

  4. Agnostic Front

    Self-released 1983. Photography by Randy Underwood. Graphics by Glenn Schiller.

  5. Ceremony

    Released 2010 on Bridge Nine Records. Art Direction & Design by Ross Farrar.

  6. Jesus Piece

    Independently released 2016. Artwork by Aaron Heard

  7. Bad Brains

    Released independently in 1980. Photography by Charles Davis and Paul Bishow. Graphics by Mab Inc.

  8. 119
    Trash Talk

    Released 2012 on Odd Future. Artist credit unknown.

  9. Trash Talk

    "No Peace" by Trash Talk released 2014 on Odd Future. Artist credit unknown.

  10. Trash Talk

  11. Released 2023 on Convulse Records. Artwork by Ryan L. Rocha.

  12. Drug Church

  13. Show Me the Body

  14. Show Me the Body, CORPUS

  15. Show Me the Body, CORPUS

  16. Code Orange, Code Orange Kids

  17. Code Orange, Code Orange Kids

    Released 2014 on Deathwish. Art Direction by Jami Morgan. Photography & Design by Kimi Hanauer.

  18. Drug Church

    Released 2013 on No Sleep Records. Artist credit unknown.

  19. "Diaspora" by Soul Glo released 2022 on Epitaph. Artist credit unknown.

  20. Soul Glo

  21. Turnstile

    Released 2015 on Reaper Records. Artist credit unknown.

  22. Bad Brains

    Released 1997 on Victory Records. Photography by Glen E. Friedman. Design by Sean Bonner.

  23. Turnstile

    Released 2021 on Roadrunner Records. Art direction by Brendan Yates and Dewey Saunders. Cover by Alexis Jamet.

  24. Jesus Piece

    Released 2023 on Century Media Records. Artwork by LAZYGAWD.

Hardcore is an album list curated by Rachel Cabitt:

A photographer and designer with a background in music based in New York. She is the co-founder of POND Creative, a visual studio for the music industry and writes The Art of Cover Art, a newsletter exploring the visual history of music.

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