Breakup albums for late millennials

I think I consider myself half Millennial, where I used to jam to The Fray, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, but also half Gen Z, where I just jam to Olivia Rodrigo, Conan Grey, Phoebe Bridgers, to name a few. So I made a little list that kinda combines both of those generations, hoping someone can relate.

  1. Linkin Park

    Linkin Park just need to be mentioned here. And this underrated album is the one.

  2. Conan Gray

    Superache is pretty much self-explanatory. It deals with heartache from your crush, your partner, your long terms and short terms, even from your younger self and your family traumas. A beautiful mosaic of broken things glued together.

  3. I guess this is more of a breakup-from-yourself kind of album. Lots of burnout, self doubt, but also self assurance to your partner, as if you're their savior, when in reality you just need to save yourself.

  4. Coldplay

    This album is special for the amount of breakup songs in it, given that Chris Martin wrote this album prior to his divorce.

  5. The Fray

    This one is a classic.

  6. This album feels like adding patches to your broken, juicy heart.

  7. Lorde

    The iconic, the legendary, the moment.

  8. Olivia Rodrigo

    We could all use a dramatic breakup album that reminds us of our teen relationships.

  9. Red
    Taylor Swift, Red (Taylor's Version)

    I mean, Taylor Swift is one of the greatest breakup songwriters out there. And this album in particular is her most breakup-y of all. All Too Well (10 minute version), anyone?

Breakup albums for late millennials is an album list curated by Randa.

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