Metal and Hard Rock

  1. Ghost

  2. Ghost

  3. Killswitch Engage

  4. Becoming The Archetype

    Brutal deathmetal

  5. Nightwish

    Superb symphonic power medal from Finland

  6. Becoming The Archetype

  7. Opeth, In Cauda Venenum (Swedish Version)

    Hard to call Opeth metal these days but still some of the best progressive rock around

  8. Demon Hunter

  9. Ghost

    Hands down the most entertaining band I've ever seen; Ghost blends elements of metal with classic rock, with an irreverent theme woven in the lyrics

  10. Melodic powermetal with an irreverent flavor

  11. Conquer Divide

    Solid metalcore from this all-female band

  12. Nekonomicon

    Throwback to 1980s/early 90s hairmetal

  13. Spiritbox

    Interesting blend of metal and elements of pop/electronica

  14. Arch Enemy

    Who says a woman can't do metal vocals?

  15. Killswitch Engage

    The best of KsE with Howard Jones at the helm

  16. The Dark Side Of The Moon

    This is a fun album! It's "metal"ized covers of popular songs from movies, TV shows, games, etc.

Metal and Hard Rock is an album list curated by Rudie.

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