well well wellington

some of my favourites from Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington)

  1. This album swells like an ethereal living body of sound. It breathes. It’s straight out of movie and I’m tearing up on each scene. Love the way they sing ha in ‘Like in a Dream’ and ‘When I See You’. More please.

  2. Soft Plastics

    This album is a two car garage rolling down the street on skateboard wheels. Sonically it transports me back to my 00s baseball wallpaper, my red oval boombox, and watching mtv unplugged sessions.

  3. Sofia Machray

    My friend and bandmate Sofia Machray has released her debut EP, Language of Flowers. It opens with a beautiful, delicate acoustic guitar and Sofia’s voice dancing alongside sweeping string arrangements. It’s a wonderful opening for an album that builds wonderfully and grips you along the way with dangerously catchy hooks. This album is dreamy and spacious. Give it a listen!

  4. Wiri Donna

    This album actually rocks.

  5. Coming at you from Te Whanganui-a-Tara it’s Revulva lead by the omnipresent Phoebe Johnson on bass and vocals. As stated on bandcamp this EP is about what it's like to be a woman navigating life and the music industry. Enjoy these funky quirky catchy impressive songs. These tracks continue to spin around my head weeks after listening.

  6. Tahini Bikini

    Salad funk, surf rock, groove jams. Maddy Taylor takes it to the next level with the crew know as Tahini Bikini. I met Maddy in Melbourne circa 2019 when we were both working as baristas on opposite sides of town. Her apartment kitchen was covered in plastic sheeting like a scene from Dexter as she prepped her tattoo gear to ink a small shell in Ruby’s bicep. Back in Welly - it’s Tahini Bikini town. This album is one for the summer!

  7. Mystery Waitress

    Top notch album. My first encounter with Tessa (Mystery Waitress singer, songwriter, and guitarist) was backstage at Vogelmorn Bowling Club a month ago. I was performing that night for the first time with a new project called Sig Wilder and Friends. I was very nervous and chatting awkwardly with the band when she approached with bubbly and offered us each a glass. It was a fabulous evening and a wonderful show.

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