Albums I Played - 2023

I started this a little late, on February 26. But, I plan on listening to at least one album every day. For each album, I log in in the Day One journaling app. This helps keep me on track. Then I’ll log everything here to give it a web interface.

  1. Inhaler

    Feb 28

  2. Killer Mike


  3. El Michels Affair, Black Thought


  4. Black Belt Eagle Scout

    Feb 26

  5. Blondshell

    Apr 15

  6. Little Dragon


  7. Jun 2

  8. Foo Fighters

    Jun 2

  9. Gorillaz

    Feb 27

  10. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

  11. boygenius


  12. Animal Collective


  13. Black Milk


    I was excited to see a new Black Milk project, since I've loved some of his previous works. His album Tronic is a personal classic for me. However, this album largely seems to get in its own way. Choruses run too long for my taste at times and other times Black waits until a fourth of the way into a track before beginning his bars. The timing often felt odd. As a whole, this album feels disjointed, which is a shame because I really like Black Milk generally. There's still some shining moments, however. Enough to prop my score up into the 70s.


  14. Jun 4

  15. Beach Fossils

    Jun 2

  16. Apr 28

  17. De La Soul

    Mar 4

  18. De La Soul

    Mar 3

  19. Enumclaw

    Mar 2

  20. Dry Cleaning

    Mar 1

  21. Yo La Tengo

    Feb 26

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