Best of 2023

  1. Inhaler

    Just a solid, feel good rock album. Add Inhaler to the list of bands I want to see live.

  2. Killer Mike

  3. Blondshell

  4. Black Belt Eagle Scout

    I know this artist’s background, so, maybe that’s why I feel the PNW so much in this release. All I can picture is the ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle, being lost in the water, trees, and quiet. I absolutely love what this album does for me. It’s meditation.

  5. El Michels Affair, Black Thought

  6. Little Dragon

  7. Gorillaz

    It’s a Gorillaz album. Gorillaz albums have a way to keep me bopping along. And that’s all I really ask for. This delivers.

  8. Yo La Tengo

    Hypnotic. Not radio friendly in the slightest, unless you’re talking college radio. Yet, this album sucks me in.

Best of 2023 is an album list curated by Skoobz.

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