Best Albums Of 2022

These are the albums that made my Best Of list for the year 2022

  1. My favorite album of the year is Big Thief’s Dragon album. I started off loving half of it, then I loved ⅔ of it. Then I eventually loved all of it. I don’t skip any songs. I think it’s Lenker's masterpiece. Great lyrics, amazing variety of sounds… it takes you on a wild ride. I love it.

  2. Tears For Fears

    My other favorite album of the year is one that I don’t necessarily recommend to anyone in this group because I think it’s mostly a personal/nostalgia thing, but I loved the new Tears For Fears album, Tipping Point. This is a band that I have followed since I was a sophomore in high school and they have coincidentally released albums at critical hinge points in my life multiple times They are important to me. I listened to this album a lot and I love that it exists.

  3. Florist

    This album is quiet and endlessly enjoyable. Apparently it was recorded outside on the porch of a house. You can hear rain, wind, and dogs in the background of some songs.

  4. Nala Sinephro

    I also loved Nala Sinephro’s Space 1.8 album (but it was technically released in 2021).

  5. I really like the Weyes Blood album. It's so cool that this young person in 2022 is basically making sequels to Joni Mitchell or, like, Judy Collins albums, but with very pointedly contemporary lyrics. I've only been listening to it for about two weeks, so my opinion may change, but it has really grown on me. I loved Titanic Rising too.

  6. Binker and Moses, Max Luthert

    This album is sort of wild, but I love it every time I turn it on. There's just enough melody to keep me engaged with the unsettling free form style

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