Best of 2022

  1. GAUPA

    Like Björk singing for Whores and it's amazing

  2. Bummer

    Incredible noise rock, and a song titled "I Want to Punch Bruce Springsteen In the Dick" which is unfuckwithable

  3. Messa

    This album has it all. A slow burn of metal, jazz, and proggy doom with beautiful vocals.

  4. Imperial Triumphant

    Just ridiculous. Dizzying, nausea inducing metal.

  5. Run The Jewels

    RTJ4 with a latin flavor. Hits pretty hard.

  6. Like if the Radiohead drummer played African beats.

  7. Only a single from an upcoming album, but it's pretty great. Definitely sounds like Quicksand.

  8. Earthless doing what they do best: playing 20 minute psych rock jams.

  9. It's Elder, it's good.

Best of 2022 is an album list curated by takeo:

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