Return of the Dream Canteen by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Return of the Dream Canteen

by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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    2023 Concerts


    Saturday, April 8 | The show was opened by King Princess (I didn't get into the venue in time) and The Strokes. The Strokes hadn't been to Minnesota in forever. I like The Strokes and was a bit underwhelmed by them. Weird banter and a general feeling that they weren't too excited to be there.

    The Peppers are an inspiration, IMO, as you see the funk they put down and how physically prepared to bring it at 60-years-old. The band was tight, I liked the interludes of Flea playing bass, and their banter was good enough. The set list worked for me as I'm familiar with their most recent few albums.

    US Bank Stadium is an echo chamber. I found it to sound good enough sitting mid-floor with ear protection in, but I'm not sure how anyone could stand being in there without ear protection.

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    2023 Listens


    I am not enjoying this as much as their previous two, but still good.

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