2023 Listens

These are albums that I first discovered in 2023. I've spun them all frequently.

  1. i/o
    Peter Gabriel

    I've been listening to the singles quite a bit over the past six months. I'm excited to have these songs in album form, finally, and it's a very good album IMO!

  2. Lawrence

    YouTube presented Lawrence to me, and they have some chops! Patrick told me the album production doesn't really capture that live feel, and I can't unhear it. Lots of bands have this challenge, I think. Still, the more I listen, the more I warm to the album.

  3. I'm a big Joe Jackson fan, but to be honest this isn't my cuppa.

  4. Priya Ragu

    At first I'm like, "Decent, but not the prior album." And now here we are a week later and I'm loving it!

  5. So!YoON!

    I received a K-Pop recommendation not from my children, and it's fairly interesting. Lots to like about the single "Smoke Sprite," though the RM rap seems kind of weak to me.

  6. Sid Sriram

    Pretty good, but you have to like Bon Iver to some degree.

  7. boygenius

    I think I like it!

  8. First listen? Pretty good!

  9. Nao Yoshioka

    Ran into Nao Yoshioka via YouTube. Pretty good!

  10. Cory Wong

    When there's new Wong, you listen.

  11. Yellow Magic Orchestra

    My City Pop dive has led me here.

  12. Zara Larsson

    I'm late to Zara Larsson. The Swedes have some many killer pop stars!

  13. Janelle Monáe

    Truth be told, I personally am not as "OMG this is amazing" with this one as I am with all of her other albums. Heading to a concert in early September, though!

  14. A song popped up in my Apple radio station and the album ain't bad.

  15. Ben Folds

    Always listening to Ben Folds.

  16. Red Hot Chili Peppers

    I am not enjoying this as much as their previous two, but still good.

  17. Kendra Morris

    Sounded very Kendra Morris on first listen. Not sure that’s a compliment. One more listen…

  18. Lettini said, so I listened.

  19. Cafuné

    Okay, Shawn, yes, it's good!

  20. Have listened to this a few times now. It feels like something I've had in my collection for years.

    Discoverd on nelson-fernandez's list, Favorite albums of Jan 2023.

  21. Kelela

    It's been too long since we've had a new Kelela. First listen was very ethereal. I had it on my headphones and realized it needed to breath on the actual stereo.

  22. This has a vibe that brings me back to 90s fuzz rock.

    I picked this up from Shawn Liu's list, 2022 Favorites. Though I think he's since removed it?

  23. Tove Lo

    I'm kind of addicted to this popular music. I've found myself humming several of the songs when I wake up in the morning. That's something!

  24. Burna Boy

    Thanks to my sister and bro-in-law for passing on this knowledge. Good stuff!

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