2023 listening 3: march

  1. Lil Yachty

    what happened in poland???

  2. The Murder Capital

    after listening to the last snoozefest this blew me away tbh. super pretty

  3. Gaz Coombes, GazCoombes


  4. Jonah Yano

    was just really nice and relaxing. also dog on the cover :)

  5. Deafheaven

    i wrote a whole review on aoty linking the feelings i got while listening to this album to my experience with bipolar disorder so im kind of burned out and tired of talking about this so just trust me when i say i like it.

  6. Bladee, Ripsquadd

    played splatoon 3 the whole time. good background music!

  7. Jeff Rosenstock

    ill keep it brief because i could go on for a while. with a runtime just short of 40 minutes, short songs that range from barely 30 seconds to barely 4 minutes, switches from high to low energy, and seamless transitions, this album flies by and ive honestly never had an easier time paying attention to a project.

  8. Math The Band

    as much as i love math the band, this wasnt that fun of a listen. i enjoyed each song and theyre all on my big conglomerate nightmare of a playlist. i dont know what makes this so different from their later albums but its just not that enjoyable as a full experience. listening to a song or two in isolation is much better.

  9. Jack Off Jill

    haha get it? cuz my names jack? but like im also jill but you wouldnt know that cuz i really only go by jill when im talking to another jack to avoid confusionokay so my friend made a joke with this band because of that. and i had never listened to jack off jill despite hearing about them so i decided to give em a try. and honestly? not every song clicked with me but most did, and it was probably the most satisfying album listening session ive ever had. definitely gonna check out their other stuff soon.

  10. Kendrick Lamar

    ive usually only had to listen to albums once with full attention for me to have a solid opinion, but i seriously think im going to have to listen to this again and let it sink. to simplify i loved it. i dont think ive ever been so entertained by a piece of music artistically and musically ever before.

2023 listening 3: march is an album list curated by GENOCIDE JACK:

i love assorted sounds❤

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