Summer 2023

Standout albums from the summer of 2023

  1. The Joy Formidable

    An intense explosion of joy escaping from gritted teeth. This is for you who turned down drugs at the music festival to be fully bombarded by the sounds the band played just for you and you will go home having met a part of you that you didn't know existed before that day. Track recommendation: Whirring

  2. Fluke

    This album picks me up, takes me into light speed, and never lets me fall. Its smooth beats continually slipping the listener across space and time. Track recommendation: Another Kind of Blues

  3. Wolf Alice

    If I were a professional reviewer, I would list the multitude of genres and influences each track on this album shape-shifts between. I would also point out its "hot single" but that would be like recommending a random chapter in a book. This whole album is a voyage that rewards you listening to its entirety. Track recommendation: The whole damn album

  4. Tycho is the sound of a relaxing weekend; of golden sunlight shining through the windows with an accompanying cool breeze. This is focus music that I don't ignore. Track recommendation: Send and Receive

  5. Youth Valley

    This won't be everybody's cup of tea but this album was a real winner with me. The singer vacillates between The Smiths and Depeche Mode while the music is all 1990's shoegaze. Track recommendation: Father Forgets

  6. Jazzanova

    Sampling, hybrid grooves, guest singers, etc. This is one of those bands that I can't believe I've never heard until now. Thankfully, that means I have their whole back catalog to dive into and this album was a great start. Track recommendation: Everything I Wanted

  7. The Oh Hellos

    The Oh Hellos set themselves apart with Celtic song structures and beautiful vocal harmonies. This album in particular does well at tapping into the feelings of picking yourself up after a fall. Track recommendation: Soldier, Poet, King

Summer 2023 is an album list curated by Greg Moore:

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