These are all the CDs I can remember owning in high school but I know this list is very incomplete

  1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  2. Modest Mouse

    I think this one was a Christmas gift because it was known that I liked Modest Mouse, I was completely unaware of this release but I ended up liking it of course

  3. Sigur Rós

  4. Radiohead

  5. Maximo Park

  6. Creed

  7. Creed

  8. The Strokes, Is This It

    Before going to Best Buy to pick this up I was really afraid that my mom would be mad about the album art, but I was apparently looking at the European release on the internet. This one was fine.

  9. Gorillaz

  10. Britney Spears

    This was the first CD I ever bought, along with a Discman, at Sears. I listened to it a lot during rehearsals for the community theater that Summer.

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