Favorite Albums by Artists I've Interviewed

I began interviewing bands in the late 1980s, with The Brandos, Violent Femmes, and a metal band called Slave Raider being among the first.

  1. Violent Femmes

  2. Meat Loaf

  3. Spock's Beard

  4. Enchant

  5. Shadow Gallery

  6. Sarah Longfield

  7. Rocket Scientists

  8. The Flower Kings

  9. Neal Morse

  10. Lords of the Trident

  11. Circle II Circle

  12. Kamelot

  13. Rhapsody

  14. Avantasia

  15. Sonata Arctica

  16. Evergrey

  17. Symphony X

  18. Pain of Salvation

  19. Steven Wilson

  20. The Jeff Healey Band

  21. Kansas

  22. Night Ranger

  23. The Brandos

  24. Winger

  25. Queensrÿche

  26. Charles Bradley, Menahan Street Band

  27. Steel Panther

Favorite Albums by Artists I've Interviewed is an album list curated by Michael :

An open-minded music fan with soft spots for hard rock, progressive rock/metal and AOR

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