2022-11-28 - Stuff I listened to this week

  1. Houndmouth

    Came out last year; I think I listened to it then. Popped up this morning in my recs. It's not bad—some pretty decent rock further along (but not completely) toward the acoustic end of the spectrum—I found myself liking it more the longer I listened.

  2. Mt. Joy

  3. Max Cooper

    Do we still call things "electronica"? I can't keep track any more. This is good—a nice blend of low-key beats with more ambient tracks. I like it.

  4. Black Country, New Road

    I keep seeing this album on best-of lists. I listened to it when it first came out, then sort of forgot about it. It's a bit into chamber-pop territory, I think. I also think it is an album that would benefit from repeat listens.

  5. Guided By Voices

    Over the years, the only people I've run into who are into GBV are really into GBV. The band's music has never done much for me—I don't dislike it, but it's not anything that compels me to go out of my way to listen to it. All of which is to say that I approached this record without a lot of enthusiasm, and was therefor pretty amazed at how much I like it. One listen, and I'm already considering it for my favorites-of-the-year list. This is just really good rock, with a lived-in, weathered feel to it. Excellent.

  6. Haven't listened to these guys in ages, but the 12yo is going through a new phase of musical exploration. One of his friends put him on to Fallout Boy and while they're not awful, I figured it couldn't hurt to find other stuff in that vein. We were listening to this album in the car this morning, and he is now a Rancid fan.

  7. Empath

    Weird, vaguely psych-rock… reminds me a bit of early Flaming Lips stuff. It wasn't terrible, but didn't really grab me.

  8. Drowse

    Some murky, distorted rock, mostly slow. Good stuff—wish I had known about it yesterday when the weather was cold and pouring rain.

  9. Sylvan Esso

    While I generally like this band, my initial impression here is that this one is a bit too busy and glitchy for my tastes. Started warming up to it in the second half, though.

  10. Like a William Tyler album, but slowed down and stretched out. “Melancholy” is the word that comes to mind.

  11. alt-J

  12. Modern Nature

  13. Matmos

  14. Dream Unending

2022-11-28 - Stuff I listened to this week is an album list curated by Pete Brown.

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