Twenty Five Greatest Albums Of All Time

I was inspired by the Apple Music Best 100 Albums Of All Time list ( to make my own list. Their list is pretty decent, but my list is much better.

  1. Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Elvis Costello

  2. Belle and Sebastian

  3. Iron & Wine, Iron, Wine

  4. Joni Mitchell

  5. Charles Mingus

  6. Echo And The Bunnymen

  7. George Winston

  8. Nirvana

  9. Talking Heads

  10. Tears For Fears

  11. Radiohead

  12. Paul Simon

  13. The Beatles

  14. Fleetwood Mac

  15. Neutral Milk Hotel

  16. Joni Mitchell

  17. Fleet Foxes

  18. Sufjan Stevens

Twenty Five Greatest Albums Of All Time is an album list curated by stumpnugget.

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