Discoveries 2024

New golden nuggets or throwback classics... This is what I listened to and enjoyed in 2024.

  1. Greyson Chance

    Greyson's start towards a new album is as Greyson as you can get. I dig it.

  2. Everybody Hurts, sometimes. And even when all seems right, this song is legendary.

  3. Snow Patrol

    The Beginning, the first new song after six years. Damn, can't wait for more Snow Patrol in my ears.

  4. Ben Forte

    I know, it's Dutch, and maybe you don't understand a word. But it's Ben Forte.

  5. Greyson Chance

    Remember that kid on YouTube covering Paparazzi by Lady Gaga? This is him now. Or a while ago, actually.

  6. The Absence of Kansas is actually something I couldn't live without.

  7. Nothing But Thieves

    They need one more album to become legends. Or are two sold-out shows in one of the largest venues in The Netherlands good enough already?

  8. Various Artists, Howard Shore

    Annie Lennox and Into the West is all I need from time to time. Emotions all over the place. Now I need a free weekend to rewatch all three movies.

  9. Jack & Tim

    Brittain's Got Talent got them started. Now I'm just waiting until they start to tour the world. Can't be long now.

  10. Jamey Johnson, Jamey Johnson Official

    You should have seen it In Color, you know?

  11. Eclipse

    Actually, just Viva La Victoria on repeat. In the shower.

  12. Sabaton

    A metal band singing about war might be the most interesting thing you will hear today.

  13. Linkin Park

    Even after all those years, still going strong. Chapeau.

  14. Dutch bands don't come any better.

  15. James Blunt

    There is more beyond the world of You're Beautiful. What do you mean, one-hit-wonder?

  16. Amaranthe

    A little bit of power metal never killed anyone.

  17. Saw a theater show by a Dutch covering artist. I thought all hit songs were performed before the break. Then after the break, I started wondering how many hit songs one can write.

  18. You've probably heard this score, but never knew who made it. Now you do.

Discoveries 2024 is an album list curated by Yordi Verkroost:

I do what I like and what gives me energy. I challenge myself. I help myself and others grow. Always with respect for everyone and always independent.

And I listen to music as well.


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