Booze and Vinyl Albums I Want

Selected albums featured in the fantastic coffee table book Booze and Vinyl, and the drinks recommended to go with

  1. Vampire Weekend

    Goes with: Oxford Comma, Cape Cod Cooler

  2. Goes with: Last Word, Caribou

  3. Radiohead

    Goes with: Whizz Bang, Pu-erh Old Fashioned

  4. Goes with: Hell's Bells, AC/DC Open Bar

  5. Goes with: The Joy Division, Dark and Stormy

  6. Iggy Pop

    Goes with: Dirty Martini, Corpse Reviver (No. 2)

  7. The Cars

    Goes with: Gin and It, Car Driver

  8. Goes with: Gin and Tonic, End of the World

  9. Ramones

    Goes with: Whiskey Smash, Jell-O Shots

  10. Bruce Springsteen

    Goes with: Boilermaker, New Jersey Cocktail

  11. Goes with: Hellfire Punch

  12. The Rolling Stones

    Goes with: Tequila Sunrise, Jack and Coke (and Coors)

Booze and Vinyl Albums I Want is an album list curated by Dana Weitzenberg.

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