Winter 2023

Standout albums from the winter of 2023

  1. Joy Division

    Joy Division is one of those bands where intellectually, I know their songs are sad but emotionally, they make me feel good in a deep-down way. Let their hit songs guide you into the rest of their short-lived catalog.

  2. Goldfrapp

    Try and ignore all the abuse Target's TV ads gave Goldfrapp. This album is a sensual beauty bubbling up through singed electric waves.

  3. Turns out that the guitarist and co-songwriter of the Smiths doesn't need Morrissey to make great songs. If you only listen to one song, make it the opening track: Spirit Power and Soul.

  4. Best when loudly sung along to in the car. Listen past the hit singles and you'll discover unique, irreverent pop arrangements.

  5. Fleet Foxes

    I was excited to hear an album that reaches the heights of their first release. The perfect haunting melodies for keeping warm in winter.

  6. The New Pornographers

    The early 2000's elevated power pop to new heights and this album is a prime example. Neko Case is a majestic knife that cuts through everything.

  7. Lupus Nocte

    This 80's synthwave EP is the new Girl from Ipanema: a song that gets stuck in my head ALL.THE. TIME. Also a favorite of YouTube videos, I've decided to embrace it to what my daughter calls, "an embarrassing degree."

Winter 2023 is an album list curated by Greg Moore:

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