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I post a semiregular newsletter that isn't focused on music, but does have music recommendations.

  1. Tele Novella

    This gem of an album resurfaced while racking my brain for something to listen to on a long weekend drive. It got a lot of play in early 2021. It was before my first vaccine, and I was very shut in still.

  2. Girl Ray

    I've taken to trolling Bandcamp for new music. This British indie pop trio was a nice find.


    I honestly remember this as the last time an algorithm recommended me something interesting. This came out in 2018, so the algorithms haven't done good work for me since then.

  4. Honey Revenge

    A fun album that feels like something from the 00s pop-punk with some 2020s updates.

  5. LUMP

    A friend shared this on a recent road trip — Laura Marling ended up carrying us for a good few hours.

  6. Mitski

    Sometimes you listen to something because your friend recommended it. Sometimes you go in search of discovering the origin of an It's Always Sunny meme. In this case, both.

  7. The Beautiful South

    The record shop isn't flush with CDs, but they had a lot of The Beautiful South and now my car is flush with The Beatiful South.

  8. A local coffee shop had this listed as their album of the week for weeks, and it wormed its way into the newsletter. There's a good NPR write up of the work.

  9. I came across this cassette at a record store and felt compelled to pick it up after learning about their catalog's licensing issues around streaming.

  10. Macintosh Plus

    If you only listen to one vaporwave album, listen to Floral Shoppe Perhaps the defining album of the genre and an album I constantly return to because of its depth, unexpected phrases, and emotional resonance. The Pitchfork review does it more justice than I ever could.

  11. Japanese Breakfast

    This album had a grip over me in early March of 2023.

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