Even Moar Music 2023

The following are the albums and artists that I've spent time with and/or connected with over the past year but didn't make it into my Favorite Albums of 2023 top 10. My review on these can be found here.

  1. Kiyotaka Sugiyama, Sugiyama Kiyotaka

  2. Joy Orbison

  3. Mac DeMarco

  4. Teen Daze

  5. Teen Daze

  6. Brian Eno

  7. Astropilot

  8. Whatever The Weather

  9. Jogging House

  10. Greg Foat, Gigi Masin

  11. Eli Escobar

  12. Bored Lord

  13. Serebii

  14. ROHO

  15. DrewsThatDude, J NICS

  16. Claude Money

  17. Mogwaa

  18. Kiefer

  19. Bokoya, FloFilz

  20. Bokoya, FloFilz

  21. Koresma

  22. Casiio, Dontcry, Sleepermane

  23. Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

  24. Mongoloid Union

  25. Fumika Asari

  26. John Scofield, Vicente Archer, Bill Stewart

  27. Léon Phal

  28. TRIX

  29. Laufey

  30. Brian Simpson

  31. Joe Sample

Even Moar Music 2023 is an album list curated by Scott Yoshinaga:

Music lover from Honolulu, Hawaii. Worker bee for nemu-nemu. ❤️ Guitars, Apple, WebDev, Photography & Comics. My blog.

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